“It’s only been a week since the space clearing and I have a girlfriend! If
that doesn’t deserve a rave review, I don’t know what does. I want to thank
you for clearing the way for such a wonderful person to enter my life”.

LesNew York


“Once again, thanks so much for doing the Space Clearing for us. I can’t
begin to tell you how much it has positively affected me. I have fallen in
love with my husband again. It’s like some barriers have fallen and the old
times are back again when our relationship was lit with love, togetherness,
and passion.


“Dear Tracey
Just wanted to write with a belated thank you for all you did. The energy &
emotional release took me completely by surprise. From when you first
arrived and I found myself very tearful as many emotions about past
relationships and how I view myself surfaced, to the end of the ceremony
where I felt lighter & free of so much confusion.  Thank you again.”

JacklynManhattan, New York


“I just wanted to say thank you so much for an incredible, amazing, truly
awe-inspiring, and beautiful day.
I’ve had a couple of issues with my sister recently but they all sort of
vaporized after the clearing. Everything’s feeling really great, just like old
times. Thank you so much, and this is barely the beginning. You are truly
an angel. A Goddess!”

Annabelle ChooSingapore


“Thank you for all you did to help us, and thank you for not getting
overwhelmed by how great our need was to be helped. I felt like you gave
so much of yourself in our clearing, more than I would ever have expected
a space clearing practitioner to give. It was, you were, so beautiful.
Just a note of sincere thanks to you. I am truly astonished as to just how
different this space feels, and is, since the space clearing. Not to mention
just how astute and sensitive you were to our very natures. all was
amazing. You have turned around a somewhat intolerable situation. Thank
you from the bottom of our hearts!
“Since Tracey came to space clear my apartment, I have had the most
wonderfully charged and vibrant days! It feels as if the veil that had clouded
my vision and my thoughts in the last four years has suddenly been lifted. I
am decisive, determined, and energized. My thoughts are clear and my
spirit is joyous.
I feel more secure in my own space to be able to express myself clearly to
colleagues at work and people in my life.”



“When Tracey came to space clear our house we had one main focus: to have a baby. We asked Tracey to focus on certain areas of the home,including our bedroom to prepare the space for creating children. Traceycleared our house of the old energy that was hanging around in the rooms and created a new warm, loving, and inviting space. We were both present at the ceremony so we could be a part of the new changes which were about to happen in our home.
And the changes we received resulted in our biggest present ever. We conceived our first child on the evening the Space Clearing took place. If that isn’t a testimonial I don’t know what is! Thank you, Tracey, for preparing our home and our hearts for our new bundle of joy which will be arriving in January 2005.”

Franc and Alison BiffoneSydney, Australia


“A million thanks to Tracey for letting us have a wonderful and beautiful Space Clearing experience. As suggested by Tracey after the space clearing, we did a lot of clutter clearing and threw away a lot of useless items. It’s most remarkable that I found out I was pregnant after only three weeks after the clearing. We have been waiting for this pregnancy to happen; it’s just so wonderful!”


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