Hi, I’m Tracey Stanton

A Visionary and Healer in the world, with spiritual devotion at the core.

For 18 years I have been Space Clearing homes and businesses internationally, having worked in 30+ types of businesses, in more than 850+ properties. This diverse range of projects range from the small Manhattan studio, financial trading firms in Singapore, numerous health & wellness Clinics, a law firm in Melbourne, 120,000 sq feet of governmental buildings in the Philippines, schools and charity projects, a number of 8 – 20,000 sq feet multi-million dollar homes in Beverley Hills, CA.

As a healer and clearer, I have also given more than 6000 hours of individual sessions since 2005 in IST Therapy (Inner Space Techniques),  and Grief and Loss Recovery and Love Coaching.

I am passionate about helping clients transcend limits & awaken to the clarity, vibrancy, and love that is infinitely available. On a worldly level it’s an immense joy to see clients manifest life partners, conceive children when they have struggled for years, get unstuck, heal from trauma, overcome heartbreak, become emotionally liberated and find a more purposeful and fulfilling LIFE!

Another part of my quest over the last 20 years, has been the discovery and embodiment of love and all things relational. I completed a 2-day certification program in Relationship Counseling, from the Australian Counselling Association and was certified with The Grief Recovery Institute in Grief and Loss Recovery. Between 2010-2016 I took numerous professional trainings in Intimacy, Love, attachment, dating and embodiment because I wanted to know the relational realm in greater depth and be of service to my clients in these specific areas.

I began teaching workshops, and public speaking in Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing and Meditation in 2005, and since then have spoken and taught intimate groups of 12 to audiences as large as 1,000 in the US, Canada and Southeast Asia.

In the last 18 years, I have received a depth of training with highly renowned and enlightened teachers and leaders in their field. Thirteen years of training & teacher training with Space Clearing pioneer Karen Kingston. In 2002 when I found spiritual teacher Dr. Samuel Sagan and the the Clairvision School of Meditation, this was a game changer. A time of awakening to spirit, living on and off retreat centers, and studying closely with Samuel Sagan. This was the beginning of a life-long path of intense spiritual practice and service. One that continues to inform my worldly endeavors. I am also grateful for the gifts of teachers & mentors such as Mirabai Devi, Denise Linn, James Jay, John Wineland & Kendra Cunov.

My work and I have been featured on TV, in magazines and newspapers.

I currently live in the SF Bay Area with my husband and work with clients in person and virtually throughout the US, Asia and Europe.


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