Individual Sessions

Tracey is professional, with great communication, and her work with me has changed my life. I have gotten more out of my few months of working w Tracey than all my years of therapy and self-improvement.

The major benefits I have received are: Relief, clarity, more confidence in my intuition, validation, and letting go or understanding my triggers. The best thing is responding rather than reacting.

Tracey has great customer service, she has gone above and beyond for me as a client….

Angela L, Regional VP Walnut Creek, CA

I’ve worked with Tracey extensively over the last 2 years and suffice to say she is a spiritual powerhouse with wonderful and nuanced insight and caring energy who has essentially brought me from an adolescent arrested developmental state to a more mature and stable man. I highly recommend her to all.

Paul, PBerkeley, CA

Tracey is very fierce, but also gentle at the same time. She has a wisdom and way of being that is soothing and lovely. Tracey’s perspective is very grounded.

For years, I would wake up with a heavy weighted depressed feeling that has plagued me. I now wake up and look forward to my day and my future since I have been working with Tracey. I am more grounded and settled into myself. My super crazy anxiety has almost diminished. I appreciate the person I am today more than I ever have, despite years of feeling unworthy and inadequate. 

Working with her has been the hardest and deepest work I have ever had to do, but it is very fulfilling. If you are willing, open and want to deepen the understanding of your self, it is amazing and honestly life changing. I have grown so much in the past year working with Tracey. 

Jasmine K, Small Business OwnerMaui, HI

Our work together changed the whole trajectory of my life.

I have experienced some of the greatest emotional and trauma releases with her as my guide. Tracey has also supported me through numerous life shifts- separation from loved ones, selling my home, quitting my job, traveling abroad, and determining my next career path. I can honestly say that her support and guidance through these times of my life were undeniably a key factor in the success of every transition.

My loved ones have all heard me say more than once “My work with Tracey has changed my life more than anything else I have done!.”

If YOU are ready to show up, do the work, and experience real transformation then I cannot personally recommend anyone better to work with.

Ashley B, NurseSacramento, CA

I went to Tracey to do some grief work, realizing that i’d spent a lifetime feeling held back by the early death of my mother when I was a teenager.

More than emotional healing for specific losses, and skills for working with my inner world and behavioral habits. She’s introduced me to multiple methods of emotional and spiritual transformation.  Not only have these helped me shed old behavioral habits that I had tried to let go of for years, she has also given me methods to work with my emotional experiences in real time.  

Tracey brings an unusual combination of deep care and firepower to help clients unfold their personal process.  Her non judgmental way is astoundingly disarming and transformative.  On the ground level, she has so much experience and knowledge.  That, coupled with the fierce love ever present in her work as a practitioner, has led me well beyond what I had originally hoped to gain.  

Taryn W, East Richmond, CA

When I first started working with Tracey years ago I felt stuck and lacked clarity about many things: why things didn’t feel quite right in my life, what I wanted, where I was heading and how to get there (to name a few). 

Tracey combines an intuitive approach to therapy with structured energetic practices and personal process tools to create a tailored coaching experience for each individual; part magic, part therapy and always results-oriented. I often refer to Tracey as my life coach and would describe the experience as transformative, immersive and life-changing.

Looking back on how things have shifted for me, I’m more centered in who I am and my life unfolds from a deeper level of knowing. Our work together has opened doors of transformation I never could have imagined and it’s been an absolute game changer.

Catalina Valencia-Moreno, Account DirectorSan Diego, CA

This work has been so affirming of my deepest self, and has allowed me to step fully into my power, pain, love, loss and everything in between with a combination of ferocity and softness, which sums up Tracey. Working with Tracey is like having a fearless, gentle warrior-sister by your side as together you navigate your inner world and come out more resilient that you thought possible.

I love that I can move out of my head and into my body through this work, which is a humbling and powerful experience of healing. I have also found that I am able to better identify my intuition and create spaciousness around my reactions so that I can make decisions from a more centered, authentic place.

Katie Brimm, Sebastopol, CA

Tracey has a solid and soothing presence, a deep capacity to hold tender and vulnerable parts. I immediately felt safe and comfortable with Tracey. I was inspired to work with her because of a chronic UTI that antibiotics were not healing. I knew there was an emotional and psychospiritual component. Tracey worked with me to energetically shift and release the holding there and my UTI healed. This was just the beginning of what became weekly sessions. I received feedback that I appeared softer, more grounded and receptive in the months that followed my work with her.

CC, NurseBerkeley, CA

Since working with Tracey I feel more at ease with myself and what is showing up in my life vs. being on the back foot or hunting for what’s next. I have been able to let go of a “fixing” attitude. For years I had felt the sense of “something missing”. It was in fact something bigger. A deep part of my consciousness and being that was able to return with her vision and connection to higher realms. As a result I am more in my Truth and have experienced a material change.

Tracey has a real gift of vision. She provides a no BS clarity / reality to what is YOU and not YOU. All done with an incredible amount of holding, love and care. Her special sauce is definitely matters of love and relationship. I appreciate that while she has a strong spiritual practice and growth trajectory – she lives in the “real” human world and has enough experience here on the ground to provide practical guidance for relationships.

Sapna, VP Product Marketing

My work with Tracey has helped me to identify both the patterns that have been ruling my relationships so far and their root causes.

Tracey led me into a deep process that helped me to let go of neediness and and feelings of inadequacy.

Tracey can be the tough mom that holds up a mirror so you can see for yourself.

Moritz Laass, Software Designer, Berlin, Germany

Space Clearing


Once again, thanks so much for doing the Space Clearing for us. I can’t begin to tell you how much it has positively affected me. I have fallen in love with my husband again. It’s like some barriers have fallen and the old times are back again when our relationship was lit with love, togetherness, and passion.

SheraSydney, AU


Dear Tracey
Just wanted to write with a belated thank you for all you did. The energy & emotional release took me completely by surprise. From when you first arrived and I found myself very tearful as many emotions about past relationships and how I view myself surfaced, to the end of the ceremony where I felt lighter & free of so much confusion.  Thank you again.

JacklynManhattan, New York


I just wanted to say thank you so much for an incredible, amazing, truly
awe-inspiring, and beautiful day.
I’ve had a couple of issues with my sister recently but they all sort of
vaporized after the clearing. Everything’s feeling really great, just like old
times. Thank you so much, and this is barely the beginning. You are truly
an angel. A Goddess!

Annabelle ChooSingapore


Thank you for all you did to help us, and thank you for not getting overwhelmed by how great our need was to be helped. I felt like you gave so much of yourself in our clearing, more than I would ever have expected a space clearing practitioner to give. It was, you were, so beautiful.

Alison, Opera SingerNew Jersey


Tracey Stanton is the real deal.

I hired Tracey when I moved into a new place and was coming back from 2 years of traveling. I felt very ungrounded, and I had a streak of going on bad dates for the last few months. Even though I knew Tracey was the best of the best space clearers going into our session, I didn’t expect the results I got.

1/ My studio was a converted basement room in a pre-war house and was pretty noisy when I moved in. It felt as old as it was and had an unclean grimy feeling. After Tracey worked her magic, there was a lightness in the room, and it became quiet and peaceful. Since she came, I’ve never heard loud, outside noises. It was like she enclosed the room in a protective bubble.

2/ Before the space clearing I hadn’t dated anyone seriously for 2.5 years. She had cleared my space on a Monday, and then a friend out of the blue set me up with a guy who lived out of state, and he called me that Friday. He flew down from Seattle on Saturday. Our relationship solidified that weekend and since I’ve moved to Seattle and have been with him for a year.

Grace S, Project ManagerSeattle, WA


When Tracey came to space clear our house we had one main focus: to have a baby. We asked Tracey to focus on certain areas of the home, including our bedroom to prepare the space for creating children. Tracey cleared our house of the old energy that was hanging around in the rooms and created a new warm, loving, and inviting space. We were both present at the ceremony so we could be a part of the new changes which were about to happen in our home.
And the changes we received resulted in our biggest present ever. We conceived our first child on the evening the Space Clearing took place. If that isn’t a testimonial I don’t know what is! Thank you, Tracey.

Franc and Alison BiffoneSydney, Australia


A million thanks to Tracey for the wonderful and beautiful Space Clearing experience. As suggested by Tracey after the space clearing, we did a lot of clutter clearing and threw away a lot of useless items. It’s most remarkable that I found out I was pregnant after only three weeks after the clearing. We have been waiting for this pregnancy to happen; it’s just so wonderful!



Just a note of sincere thanks to you. I am truly astonished as to just how different this space feels, and is, since the space clearing. Not to mention just how astute and sensitive you were to our very natures. all was amazing. You have turned around a somewhat intolerable situation. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

K.B, Film ProducerPacific Palisades, CA


Since Tracey came to space clear my apartment, I have had the most wonderfully charged and vibrant days! It feels as if the veil that had clouded my vision and my thoughts in the last four years has suddenly been lifted. I am decisive, determined, and energized. My thoughts are clear and my spirit is joyous.
I feel more secure in my own space to be able to express myself clearly to colleagues at work and people in my life.

And most of all, I am in awe of the powerful impact that a simple act of clearing the clutter can have in my life. I have restarted the nonprofit work that I have been meaning to revive for the last 12 months. For that, my soul is eternally grateful.

Lynna C, Investment BankerSingapore


I actually have a paying job now for the first time in almost two years!  Yippee!  All I can say to you is Thank You – it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.  It seemed as though a lot of myself  opened, even in the days before you arrived.  Your awesomeness of a deep presence is remarkable…I am forever  changed -as  is our house!

Jules, ChefMare Island, CA

Business Space Clearing


I have worked with Tracey for 4 years, utilizing her space clearing & Feng Shui services. She has been an invaluable asset to my business. The first time we space cleared my office my practice filled. I felt a lot clearer and was able to facilitate more in terms of my clients diagnosis and healing. My clients noticed the difference as well. Each clearing made me feel grounded, like a fresh start and I continued to experience an expansion of my practice.

Dr Jaweed Naweed, ChiropratorOakland, CA


I wanted to let you know that our business has experienced a wonderful few months since you space cleared our office. If you recall, we were concerned by the remaining energy of the partner of the business who left suddenly and acrimoniously. The energy in the office has increased enormously since then. All has gone well and we have employed two additional employees. Things look very bright for us. Thank you once again.

Jennifer McEwan, LawyerMelbourne, AU


Tracey space cleared five rooms in the Bantay Bata children’s village and the ABS CBN Foundation Building in Manila. In the children’s village two babies had been left by their mothers and despite all the love and care we gave them, they were not sleeping well. This was remedied right away after the Space Clearing. They slept peacefully. The village staff said they immediately felt a ‘lightening’ of the village.

In the ABS CBN Foundation Building, one of my aspirations was, and continues to be, to have increasingly more resources. To help us make this a reality, in October, Tracey space cleared. In December, the Philippines was hit with a massive typhoon. Four successive typhoons caused the deaths of thousands. Ten thousand people were displaced. It was a disaster of major proportions. What happened at the Foundation was unprecedented. In one month, we raised two million dollars. The money just kept pouring in. It was awesome. I am convinced the Space Clearing helped clear the way for the aspirations to manifest. I, along with the people who continue to benefit, am deeply grateful.

Regina Lopez CEOManila, Philippines


When we moved offices the first thing we did was to call Tracey to have the place space cleared. When we used Tracey for the first time a couple of years back business was a little thin and we thought, ‘What the heck, let’s try something different.’ And, boy, were we glad we did. The day after, it was as if a bottleneck had been released. The phone started ringing and the orders came in.

Obviously, when we moved to bigger offices we had a marathon session and did the whole place. Business increased once again and luckily we had the extra staff to cope. It’s been four months now and the new higher level of business has been constant. I cannot recommend Tracey enough; put aside any prejudices and preconceptions, and do yourself a favor.

John Tomnay, Recruitment ConsultantSingapore


Thank you for an awesome Space Clearing at the Innate CBD practice. It was very powerful and beautiful as always. I wanted to let you know that we had a record-breaking week this week.

Thank you! You really have an incredible gift to offer the world (wherever you are). Thanks for reminding me that the way to build my practice is from my heart and not from my head.

Dr. Lynelle Kerr, ChiropractorSingapore


After the house clearing I went from a very poor year in real estate to being the top producing agent in my office.

I would describe my experience as life changing, helpful, beautiful, magical and something I recommend highly. I was very impressed with her and got great results from everything I did.  She is warm, loving, available and very professional. Our work together raised my self esteem, helped me manifest more wealth and a lovely boyfriend.

Dianne Arancibia, RealtorOakland, CA


Thank you, the fabulous workshop! It was very profound & I was thrilled w/the lessons! It was an honor to see you do your work.

BBBrooklyn, New York

Tracey has a wonderful stability of energy that works well in a sizeable class. She “walks her talk” conveys the information on every energetic level coherently

Carol KuligNew York, NY

Attending your class has changed my life for the better. Your suggestions helped me have the courage to pick myself up from a totally low point and emerge victorious. In the last 6 weeks I hired a personal trainer and have lost 10 pounds, I have given away half of my furniture and other belongings and best of all I am making positive strides toward the future without fear. I am developing an action plan for changing my career and the place I live in.  New people have come into my life and I am happier than I have been in years.

Jean BillmanNYC

I liked starting on time and stopping exactly on time – good structure. I enjoyed Tracey teaching – very knowledgeable. I resonate with her and her ideas and knowledge. Felt a connection.

The most engaging was the Ideal Home meditation – it made my cry to have the realization of the ugly place I’ve put myself to live when I could live in beauty that supports me. Gave me hope.”


The entire workshop was great – it all tied together and flowed quite well. Tracey is an engaged and energetic speaker & teacher. Don’t know how she did it!

J.RBrooklyn, NY

Very inspiring with a great, engaging teacher who leads by example!

Gita ReddyNew York, NY

I took this course because I liked your “vibes” and I really like the way you connect the ordinary and the spiritual. You are doing a real spiritual transmission in the tradition of master teachers.


It was very well organized, and passionately and clearly presented. Tracey always answered questions and tailored the workshop to the needs of the attendants. She did not just lecture; she kept contact with each individual. She was always respectful.

L.SManhattan, NY

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