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Tracey smiling

Hi, I’m Tracey Stanton.


Space Clearer, Inner Alchemist and founder of The Flow of Love.

I’m also an unstoppable enthusiast dedicated to helping you heal and awaken to the clarity, vibrancy and love that is at the center of your being.

With 22 years of experience, I have performed 900+ home & business Space Clearings, given more than ten thousand of hours of individual sessions, and facilitated groups of 12-1000 people. I help clients get unstuck, move beyond limits, and clear the emotional, mental and spiritual blockages standing in the way.

This work creates a profound transformation in your entire life. As you transcend your past, experience a clarity and knowing that emerges from inside.

Ready to ignite your life?

For years, I would wake up with a heavy weighted depressed feeling that has plagued me. I now wake up and look forward to my day and my future since I have been working with Tracey. I am more grounded and settled into myself. My super crazy anxiety has almost diminished.

Working with her has been the hardest and deepest work I have ever had to do, but it is very fulfilling. It is amazing and honestly life changing!

Jasmine, Small Business Owner, Maui

Ashely B

My work with Tracey has changed my life more than anything else I have done. I have experienced some of the greatest emotional and trauma releases with her as my guide.

Ashley B, Nurse, Sacramento, CA

Taryn W

Tracey brings an unusual combination of deep care and firepower to help clients unfold their personal process. Her non-judgmental way is astoundingly disarming and transformative.  She has led me well beyond what I had originally hoped to gain.

Taryn W, Berkeley, CA

Tracey combines an intuitive approach to therapy with structured energetic practices and personal process tools to create a tailored coaching experience for each individual; part magic, part therapy and always results-oriented. I often refer to Tracey as my life coach and would describe the experience as transformative, immersive and life-changing.

Catalina Valencia-Moreno, Account Director, San Diego, CA

This work has been so affirming of my deepest self, and has allowed me to step fully into my power, pain, love, loss and everything in between with a combination of ferocity and softness, which sums up Tracey. Working with Tracey is like having a fearless, gentle warrior-sister by your side as together you navigate your inner world and come out more resilient that you thought possible.

Katie Brimm, Sebastopol, CA

Undergoing sessions / IST therapy with Tracey has made me feel more confident, peaceful, and increased my overall happiness a lot. The trust that I’ve developed in Tracey has allowed me to address deep-rooted trauma with wonderful results. Tracey listens and responds with great feeling and understanding.

Michael Klacking, Horticulturist, Phoenix, AZ

“Tracey has a real gift of vision. She provides a no BS clarity / reality to what is YOU and not YOU. All done with an incredible amount of holding, love and care. Her special sauce is definitely matters of love and relationship. I appreciate that while she has a strong spiritual practice and growth trajectory – she lives in the “real” human world and has enough experience here on the ground to provide practical guidance for relationships.”

Sapna, VP Product Marketing, New York, NY




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