Space Clearing

The Art of Ritual

The physical spaces where we live and work can either support and enhance our energy or drain our life force.

How do you feel in your space? Safe, secure, creative, and at peace…or unsettled, distracted, limited, or exhausted?

Since 2002, I have lived and breathed the art of ritual in my daily life. I have cleared the spaces of hundreds of clients, merging my devotion, my clients’ intentions, and the beauty and divinity of the space clearing ceremony to facilitate profound transformation.

A space that is energetically clear, uplifted, and vibrant brings a flow of new opportunities flooding into the space, like unblocking a dam. In many cases, the materialization of worldly goals and dreams—and miracles from the divine—follow from energetic clearing.

In Feng Shui terms, we’re bringing luck!

What is Space Clearing?

Space Clearing is a modern ritual with ancient roots.

It’s a ritual practiced in uniquely nuanced ways by different cultures and people. Also known as a house blessing, healing, or clearing, these rites are intended to protect the inhabitants of a house or apartment from misfortune, whether before moving into it or to “heal” it after a life event. Many traditions and religions have similar ceremonies, such as the “ puja” in India or prayers, incense and holy water are used in Christian and Catholic religious practices.

The ceremony is sacred from start to finish. We start with gathering you, your partner, family members, and colleagues in your home or business space. I will use your intentions and archetypal blueprint to create a personal flower mandala and carry out a multi-step clearing process to unblock stagnant energies and reinvigorate the vital flow of spiritual energy within your space.

If you would like to learn more about how Space Clearing can ignite you and your space, click below for a complimentary 30 minutes call.

I am truly astonished as to just how different this space feels, and is, since the space clearing. Not to mention just how astute and sensitive you were to our very natures. All was amazing. It was wonderful to meet you, and you have turned around a somewhat intolerable situation. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

KB, Pacific Palisades, CA

I was wanting to write to you but haven’t really had the right words yet. So much happened here on Saturday, and you were just amazing. Thank you for all you did to help us, and thank you for not getting overwhelmed by how great our need was to be helped. I felt like you gave so much of yourself in our clearing, more than I would ever have expected a space clearing practitioner to give. It was, you were, so beautiful.

Alison, Opera Singer, New Jersey

Ignite the flow!

I was trained in a western style of Space Clearing that has eastern roots. Often referred to as a specialized form of Feng Shui, Space Clearing is a profound spiritual ceremony designed to cleanse, uplift and align the energies of a physical space. It correspondingly works on aspects of you and your life-force at the same time.

Space Clearing unblocks dead chi (energy) and releases stagnant energies that have built up over time or that have resulted from incidents or traumas that happened in the space. Unlike conventional Feng Shui, Space Clearing does not rely on the placement of  furniture or other objects. It works at a greater depth on the energy of a space.

Space Clearing ignites the flow and brings the energy of your space back to life!

Even though I knew Tracey was the best of the best space clearers going into our session, I didn’t expect the results I got. Before the Space Clearing I hadn’t dated anyone seriously for 2.5 years. Tracey had cleared my space on a Monday, and then a friend out of the blue set me up with a guy who lived out of state, and he called me that Friday. He flew down from Seattle on Saturday. Our relationship solidified that weekend and since I’ve moved to Seattle and have been with him for a year.

G.H. Song, Project Manager, Berkeley, CA


Sacred Geometry

Mandala, meaning “circle” in Sanskrit, is a geometric pattern of the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically and a sacred art form. Mandalas incarnate the presence of a high state of consciousness or spiritual being. Tuning into the sacred circle affects your consciousness, bringing you into resonance with a higher spiritual level. The function of the mandala is to call into being a new connection between you, your space, and a higher state of consciousness or spiritual presence.

Each mandala is individual and represents perfection. Building a mandala is like creating perfection and self-realization. It communicates a high level of spiritual harmony, integrating what is lacking from the whole. When someone has lost sight of what’s important or lost their path, the mandala reorients us to find that center again, the way back to the true self. The therapeutic effect moves you towards unity and completeness.

A mandala serves as an anchor for a spirit in need, helping create order out of chaos

Why Space Clear?

  • As an act of devotion to bless the space and all those in it.
  • To raise your level of consciousness above the level of the mundane and realize your potential and what’s essential in your life.
  • To clear energetic debris that has accumulated over time and that impedes the vital flow of life force, causing you to stagnate and become stuck. The energetic “dust and dirt” of human emotions and past traumas accumulate in a space, so it is vital to clear them out.
  • To feel “at home” when you have moved into a new home or business premises.
  • Transitions – Clear, heal and revitalize the space after a major life transition such as death, a health issue, divorce, loss of job, or a recent trauma.
  • To help sell a property thats not moving quickly, receive a higher price.
  • New Beginnings, to invite change and a fresh start when you enter a new phase of life or work.
  • To get unstuck, ignite flow, feel inspired, enhance creativity.
  • To bring greater harmony, ease, and peace.
  • To support, strengthen & deepen intimacy in your love life.
  • Attract a partner, call in love, when you are single and looking.
  • Clear blocks to conception and create an inviting space to welcome a new baby.
  • Improve communication & resolve differences with loved ones, family members, or colleagues.


Roots in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing with the surrounding environment. The term Feng Shui literally translates as “wind-water” in English. Modern Feng Shui helps create harmony through the placement of things in the space. More recent forms of Feng Shui simplify principles that come from the traditional schools, and focus mainly on the use of the bagua, which means “Eight areas”. It’s an energy map laid over the space. Space Clearing is often included as part of the broader Feng Shui process, referred to earlier as “a blessing” for the space when you move in or have had some bad luck.

In most of the home or business consultations in Space Clearing, I share some basic Feng Shui advice, giving you a few suggestions to enhance the flow and layout. Feng Shui improves the flow of a space simply by adhering to placement enhancements as well as positively boosting an area of your life, such as relationships.

I also offer more in-depth Feng Shui consultations as an individual service or in addition to a Space Clearing. Read below for more information.


I wanted to let you know that our business has experienced a wonderful few months since you space cleared our office. If you recall, we were concerned by the remaining energy of the partner of the business who left suddenly and acrimoniously. The energy in the office has increased enormously since then. All has gone well and we have employed two additional employees. Things look very bright for us. Thank you once again!

Jennifer McEwan, Lawyer, Melbourne, AU


With a background in Instinctive Feng Shui and BTB, my approach is largely intuitive but I also use the floor plan and directions of the space to assess the layout. An ideal time to book a consultation is before purchasing or moving into a property, or to enhance or focus in on a specific area in your life that needs attention. In particular, “Feng Shui for Love” consults are the most popular, having helped numerous singles create supportive environments to invite in “The Flow of Love” or to find a life partner.

Book a complimentary 20 mins call here to discuss your space.


In some buildings there is a cold feeling or strange sensation when entering a room, the feeling of being watched. In dark or old dank buildings where someone has died, these fragments or entities are attracted back to a familiar location. They are often found on the crossing of Earth lines.

Entity Clearing is a way of clearing non-physical parasites that have been creating a range of physical (or emotional) symptoms. They are energetic parasites that affect the layer of life force or the energy of a physical space or are beings that have become attached to humans or are located in spaces.

The process of clearing an entity is carried out as an individual service. It is a different clearing ritual than a Space Clearing. Usually this happens when a fragment is identified, either as a result of a Space Clearing or because the occupants have become aware of such a presence. All occupants need to vacate the premises for this type of clearing.

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