Let’s Explore Working Together!

My clients are conscious individuals who are ready for transformation.

If you are inspired to learn more, I offer private session work, individual or packages of sessions and intensives to reveal your true nature and move beyond the issues alive in you. To schedule a complimentary 30 mins clarity call click below.

You may be…

  • On a spiritual path wanting to know your infinite self, live as truth, and align with the light of spiritual realms

  • Ready to dive into the mysteries of life, know your depth, or explore your shadow

  • Hit an inner roadblock, and are feeling emotionally burnt out or empty

  • Lost and confused, feeling that something is missing in your life

  • Seeking to become more emotionally available and grounded

In a major life transition:

  • Heartbreak

  • Grief & loss

  • Separation  

  • Miscarriage 

  • Change of career  

  • Seeking an intimate relationship 

  • Trying to conceive a child 

Wanting to heal and clear:

  • Trauma from childhood (sexual or otherwise) 

  • Codependency as the child of an alcoholic parent 

  • Loss or neglect from a missing parent 

  • Long-standing relational issues that cause anxiety, fear, and distrust 

  • Low self-esteem, and self-worth

  • Physical health issues with an underlying emotional cause

“I’ve worked with Tracey extensively over the last 2 years and suffice to say she is a spiritual powerhouse with wonderful and nuanced insight and caring energy who has essentially brought me from an adolescent arrested developmental state to a more mature and stable man. I highly recommend her to all.”

DP, Berkeley CA

My approach

My therapeutic style is grounded, insightful and caring. I place emphasis on developing authentic relationships with each client, to establish a depth of trust and safety that allows you to explore all of yourself without judgement or restraint; whether regressing into an uncomfortable past trauma, facing difficult emotions, or exploring your intensity and presence.  

All of your authentic expression is welcome. 

This form of alternative healing and deep inner growth offers the opportunity for the unexpected, profound realizations, and the kind of shifts that can fundamentally change your life.  


You already know yourself… 

We are first and foremost spiritual beings, even though human with human flaws and conditioning…

You are not “broken” or need to be fixed, even though it may feel that way sometimes.

This work is about remembering and moving back to your source, your inner self.

Below, read about the modalities and techniques.

“Tracey has a deep sense of personal integrity, clarity and an ability to hold steady attention through challenging and tumultuous work. She does not shy away from the shadow side of things but rather becomes even more fierce and strong. I felt very held and supported as I delved into some very painful episodes from childhood trauma. I trust her completely.”

Kate Randall, Artist / Teacher, Mill Valley, CA


Inner Space Techniques (IST Therapy) is a set of therapeutic and healing techniques that help you get to the source of past traumas, patterns, and conditioning. This set of practices can bring a depth of exploration of the psyche with unprecedented releases and deep resolution of core wounding. It has an unsurpassed ability to reach hidden subconscious memories and eradicate the energetic scars, or samskaras, of previous traumatic experiences.  

Since 2005, I have utilized IST in over 7000 hours of individual sessions. Though it can take time, clearing out past wounds through IST leads to emotional freedom here and now…and lasting change in your life.  

“I LOVED working with Tracey! With each IST session, I went into a very deep space, where I was able to process and let go of a GREAT deal of heaviness that I have been carrying for most of my life. I had a recurrent pain under my right rib for over ten years that no doctor could explain. After one session where I experienced a past life… it disappeared and has never returned. Amazing!”

Jay B, Hollywood, CA


Third eye meditation is a simple yet profound technique that takes you out of the mind through focusing on vibration, light and space—the modalities of the third eye. Meditation helps you cope effectively with the pressures of 21st century life. As life speeds up, meditation fosters an attitude of wakefulness in your daily life. It helps you to be more receptive to your loved ones and foster a relationship with yourself that expands access to your internal experiences. In a one-to-one context, I guide individuals in how to set up and get started with a meditation practice. Meditation offers a true way to be deeply intimate with yourself and cultivate your energetic subtle bodies, learning to rest inside on inner knowing. 

Click here for a free meditation download “Meditation Portal to Inner Worlds” (MPIW) 



Clearing Therapy is a method of removing energetic parasites (entities) that have attached to a person or space, affecting the life force and creating a range of physical or emotional symptoms. These energies can be responsible for disease, exacerbating emotions, and unhealthy behavioral patterns (e.g., intensifying cravings, draining vitality, uncontrollable emotions, eating disorders, severe diseases). When energetic parasites are cleared, you can find that your vitality is boosted, negative emotional patterns diminish or disappear, cravings or addictions may lessen in intensity or disappear altogether, and feelings of self-confidence and a greater sense of self are restored. 

Clearing entities has its roots in traditional healing systems. Traditional Indian Medicine, Ayurveda, refers to these entities as bhutas, and Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture understands them as kuei (disincarnate spirits). In modern Western healing, very few therapists have delved deeply into entity clearing and cultivated the necessary expertise to understand and work with these powerful energies. Dr. Samuel Sagan (Entity Possession – Freeing the Body of Negative Influences) is a leader in the field.

I was trained by Dr. Sagan in 2013 and clear entities and help clients heal from other parasitic energies in their system. 

“Tracey has a real gift of vision. She provides a no BS clarity / reality to what is YOU and not YOU. All done with an incredible amount of holding, love and care. Her special sauce is definitely matters of love and relationship. I appreciate that while she has a strong spiritual practice and growth trajectory – she lives in the “real” human world and has enough experience here on the ground to provide practical guidance for relationships.

Sapna Champaneria, VP Product Marketing, New York, NY

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